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To All Aspiring Models/Talents,

     I felt obligated as an agent to explain the modelling scene in Singapore to both local & oversea models because the newspaper, news and drama serials often like to showcase the worst side about modelling and give model agents like me a hard time (Often when i approach a model with potential in public, they usually gave me the looks as if I am trying to scam them to pay a fee or get fresh with them). If you want to be a successful model, there four things you have to handle yourself.

1.    Homophobia:- Is is estimated that 70% of industry people in the modelling scene are Gays, Lesbian & Transgender and the reason is perhaps they are very talented in this field and the industry don't discriminate against them and gave them equal opportunities here. If you discriminate against these category of people for whatever reasons that you may have, modelling is not for you because you will be the minority here and you will have to work with them one way or the other.

2.   Religion:- I am a religious guy but I am clear on what is right and what is wrong. Certain religion have rules governing things that their members can do and cannot do, I fully respect that. Unfortunately modelling is a business where the human body is the product in exchange for fees. In fashion & glamour modelling, it can be a thin line between soft porn and a sexy underwear shoot. Commercial modelling will be more acceptable to the general public escpecially TV commercial ads in Singapore are mostly family oriented and wholesome. 

3.  Possessive Boy/Girl Friend/Partners:-  It is very common to see a good looking girl dating an average looking man and vice versa. We seldom see a couple who are both very good looking. In such a scenario, the average looking partner will become insecure because he/she is afraid he/she may loose their partners to very attractive people in the modelling industry. Well, sometimes a posessive partner may become a hindrance to the career of an aspiring model. I have witness possessive boyfriend threatening break ups if his girlfriend took part in a beauty pageant and the poor girl has to withdraw mid way in the contest and pay compensation to the organiser. Point to note, if you cannot assure your partner, don't become a model.

4.  Protective Parents:- Models has to start young because youth is of value in this industry. For parents who don't have a clear idea of this industry, they mostly rely on information from news and drama serial. Drama serial whenever they feature a topic related to modelling, it is always about sleeping with the boss for modelling opportunities; drug rape; one night stand etc. Well... drama serial are called drama because they have to dramatise the show or else who wants to watch. Sometimes your parents don't allow you to become a model is because they care and want to protect you. Thats a good thing. So long as you are not greedy, learn how to say no to unwholesome advances, you will be safe.

There are 3 categories of modelling jobs that are available in Singapore advertising market: Fashion Modelling; Commercial Modelling & Glamour Modelling. 

Fashion Modelling:- By virtue of race alone, if you are not Caucasian or Pan Asian and your height not between 1.75m - 1.8m for female, 1.85-1.9m for male. Medium size frame. Chances of you becoming a fashion model in Singapore is not very good. If you are Asian, you not only have to have the physical attributes, you just have to be very special. Most Asian model favoured for fashion modelling are usually not the conventional good lookers that the generally public consider attractive. They somehow prefer those with slant eyes, high cheekbones, full lips, square or long face & bony frame (for female), attributes that the general public don't consider as attractive. Fashion modelling often requires models to show a bit of body here and there but in a tasteful manner. If you are ultra conservative eg. Cannot show cleavage; cannot wear mini skirt; cannot pose in underwear; cannot show mid-riff. For your info, there are no private changing rooms backstage during a fashion show. You change for all to see. If you cannot accept this, this profession is not for you. Pay is decent, one fashion show in Singapore pays about S$400 per show and it can take up more than a day inclusive of fitting, rehearsal, hair & make-up and the show itself.

Commercial Modelling:- The most highly sort after race in this category in Singapore is Pan Asian, followed Chinese; Caucasian; Indians; Malays and other races. In terms of age group. The most sort after age group are those age 30s to 40s; next up is kids age 4 to 7 years, followed by those above 50s and above. The lowest demands are for teens and young adult in the 16 years to 25 year old age brackett. Singapore advertisements are mostly family ads where they often like to feature talents/models as children; parents and grand parents. If you don't look like you belong to any of these age and race categories, chances are very slim. Eg. a lady in her 40s who look too old to be a parent to kids 4-7yrs old yet to young to be a grandparent. As for the image preferred: the commercial market likes talent/models with wholesome natural look eg. Strictly no fake coloured contact lens; fake lashes; coloured hair; tattoos and unusual hairstyles like fireball hairstyles. In short they like clean cut looks. Having a good smile is very important here. If you can't smile or have bad teeth, fix your teeth and practise your smile if you want to do this. The pay is really good here, depending on project budget and roles, one TV commercial can command between S$500 - S$10,000 per day.

Glamour Modelling:- In this category, the model is the product. Client hire you because sex sells. You see these models in lad magazine in bikini; sexy outfits in car shows; looking pretty in costume in exhibitions, posing nude or in sexy outfit for physique modelling photography sessions; standing bare bodied near entrance of boutiques to take photos with customers etc. In short, almost all jobs related requires you to show a lot of skin. Mostly young Asian models will take these jobs because they are too short or of the wrong looks and race to be a fashion model but still very attractive. If you are ultra conservative, you won't stand a chance. For this category, you need to be very confident about yourself. Suitable for those age 18 to 25 years of age.As for pay, it range from $50 to $500 per day or a few hours.

Regarding the need to pay for portfolio & registration:

Portfolio:- these are suppose to be pictures of models to get models advertising jobs. It's pictures that agents use to market models to potential client for work. Some model agency requires models to pay for these pictures (every agency reserves the right to do what is good for their business, there is no right or wrong industry practise) because photographers need to be paid. If they want to shoot for free, the photographers reserves the right to shoot what they like so models may not get the kind of pictures they want. Some agency ended up being branded a scam agent because they recruited tom, dick & harry, ask them to pay for portfolio and because these folks don't have the attributes to become a model, they don't land any jobs. After all the investments in portfolio; empty promises to get commercial work and no jobs. The models feel cheated and start to brand these agency as scam agents. For that reason, Style House don't charge a fee for portfolio and training for contracted models. Plus we are very selective of the models we want to hire. Sometimes, I pity those aspiring models, they shoot pictures of themselves in fashion but they just don't have the physical attributes to be a fashion model, thats why depending on the kind of modelling work you want, your portfolio has to be right.

Fashion Portfolio:- Check out fashion magazines, models usually put on creative fashion, hairstyles and make-up to create the look. Often, models don't look direct into the camera and poses are rather unusual. Only shoot this type of pictures if you are suitable to be a fashion model. If you are 1.6m tall and have these type of pictures as portfolio, your chances will be slim but not entirely impossible. Never send this type of pictures to an agent for commercial work. Will end up in the bin.

Commercial Portfolio:- All we need is a nice head shot with a smile, left and right profile shot and a full length shot. Hairstyles and make-up as natural as possible. Don't send me sexy pictures showing bare body, cleavage. If you look too sexy, chances of being selected for audition by casting directors will be very slim. Don't overly touch up pictures by removing all wrinkles. The worst nightmare a producer can expect is to hire a 30 year old mom who turns up as a 50 year old in person because of overly touch up pictures.

 Glamour Portfolio:- Here you can take as many sexy pictures as you want. Cleavage, legs, bare body are most welcome. As I mentioned above, this is all about the model and sex appeal.


We only want to hire models/talent with good self esteem:

Self esteem for an individual can be graded from 1 to 10. (10 is excellent and 1 is the worst).

Tell tale signs of low self-esteem:

*  They are overly boastful from clothings to gadgets they use. Still got hope to become models (grade 4-5).
*  They cannot accept criticism or advise, they almost have an excuse ready for any critism and advise for them. Cannot take rejection, can get depress for days. Sometimes turn aggressive and cut off relations with you because of that (grade 1-2). Hard to become a model.
*  Often likes to fish for compliments and often put others down by being super bitchy just so to say they are better. Obvious body language include 'eye-rolling'. Not likeable after a while. (grade 3-4)
*   They like to crack self-depreciation jokes on themselves, complain they are fat when they are not but generally takes advise well (grade 5-6). Can be very good models if they can overcome this problem.
*   Very quite, don't talk much (grade 5-6). Can deliver if you push them but very tiring for the agent.

Tell tale signs of good self-esteem:

*   Send them a compliment, they accept readily without passing credit to others. (grade 9-10)
*   Compose and very confident. Not boastful (grade 9-10)
*   Can take rejection well, wants to improve by asking for feedback (grade 7-8)
*   Smile readily, interact well with people (grade 7-8)


 I hope the above explanation helps.

Justin Lim
Director of Style House


Talent Specifications:

o Any age group.
o Any race
o Any sex
o Any height
o Any body shape and weight
o Good teeth
o Babies and grand parents welcome too
o Nice complexion
o Confident
o Speak English

Job Scope: Act in TV commercials, appear in print advertisement, act in movies. Part-time.

Pay: By Project basis. From S$100 and above, per project subject to 30% agent's commission.

Models Specifications:

o All Ages, from kids to elderly
o Any Race
o Any sex
o Good teeth
o Nice complexion
o Good body
o Male models for Fashion/Event: 1.75m to 1.9m
o Female models for Fashion/Event: 1.65m to 1.8m
o May need to appear in swimwear and underwear.
o Confident
o Speaks basic English

Job Scope: Appear in print advertisements, TV commercials, editorials, fashion show, events promotion, product launch, fashion shoots. Part-time/Full-time.

Pay: By Project basis. From S$100 - S$10,000, per project subject to 30% agent's commission.


To all potential Talents/Models staying in Singapore:

If you are keen to join us as Talents/Models, please email us a close up face shot of yourself with a smile and another without; a full length body shot of yourself to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To all potential Talents/Models staying overseas:

Style House Pte. Ltd. has an overseas branch, Style House Models & Image Sdn. Bhd. in Subang Jaya, Selangor, which is a 20 minutes journey from Kuala Lumpur. Interested parties may also email us a close up face shot of yourself with a smile and another without; a full length body shot of yourself to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For models residing in other countries, if you are keen to work with us, please email us casting videos and shots of yourself to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via

We can help arrange lodging and logistics for those who wish to work in Singapore for short periods.

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